is excited to share some of the secret weapons of her kitchen. These tools, appliances, and cookbooks will elevate your dishes, save you time, and provide unexpected inspiration. She's also included some helpful cooking tips and fun websites to explore!

The secret weapons of Chef Sam's kitchen

Microplane– perfect for zesting citrus, garlic, ginger, grating cheese, chocolate. Microplanes come in all different sizes but I love the original since it fits nicely in my drawer.

Miniprep– I love to use my miniprep to chop herbs and garlic and to make spice mixtures and salad dressings.

Silpats– I couldn’t live without them. I reserve two for baking cookies and I use two more for roasting vegetables and baking puff pastry desserts. Nothing sticks when you use Silpats.

Mandoline Slicer– I use my mandoline slicer all of the time to ensure uniformly sliced fruits and vegetables.

Oxo Salad Chopper– I really enjoy chopped salads, it’s convenient to add whatever you have in the fridge into this large bowl, add some dressing and chop it up.

Shun’s 8-inch Chef’s Knife– Comfortable to use and not as overwhelming as a 10-inch knife. Also easy to clean.

Braiser and Lid– I know these braisers are both heavy and expensive but they are well worth it. They create delicious and perfectly cooked one-pot meals. This is the size I use most to braise chicken and meat.

Nesting Bowls– Perfect for all of my prep work and due to their nesting design they don’t take up a lot of space in my cabinet.

Breading Pans– I make a lot of shnitzel or breaded fish sticks so these breading pans come in handy. They nest inside each other for easy storage.

My favorte cookbooks and food memoirs

Vegetable Love-Barbara Kafka helps you fall in love with the unique flavors of each and every vegetable.

On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee-if you’re a true Foodie you’ll love this well researched textbook for food preparation.

Quick and Kosher Meals in Minutes-Jamie Geller provides kosher recipes divided by the time it takes you to prepare them.

Tips for successful home cooking

Preserve the nutrients and color of green vegetables by blanching- cook them quickly in boiling water then stop the cooking process by plunging them into ice water.

Freeze your soups in double bagged gallon size ziplocked bags. Freeze them flat on a baking sheet then store them vertically on the shelves to save room.

Save time by creating a few of your own spice mixtures and storing them in glass spice jars. Drizzle olive oil and a pinch of your spice mixture on chicke, fish, veggies, or meat and saute or roast for delicious flavor. One of my favorite combinations: ground cumin, paprika, onion powder and curry powder.

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