would love to bring some kosher into your kitchen through many of her services and classes. Plan a special event, learn a new technique, or treat yourself to a private chef. Contact Chef Sam by calling 310.691.9913 or emailing chefsam@thekoshergirl.com

  • Is your organization hungry for a new event? Chef Sam’s cooking demonstrations are the perfect opportunity to come together, have a blast and learn some essential cooking tips. Chef Sam’s entertaining and charismatic cooking style will be a hit with your women’s group. Examples of demonstrations include: Healthy weeknight dinners, Spice up your Shabbat table, Seasonal favorites, Knife skills and more.

  • Chef Sam shows children and teens just how much fun cooking can be, stressing the benefits of nutritious, healthy eating—teaching them how to prepare foods in ways that will make them ask for another helping of…you guessed it, vegetables! They’ll learn how to make easy and nutritious after-school and backpack snacks as well as be helpful in your kitchen. Examples of classes include: Crunchy Munchies, Do it Yourself Dinners, Tweens in the Kitchen.

  • Chef Sam’s entertaining and informative cooking classes are the perfect way to learn the ins and outs of kosher cuisine. They cover everything from innovative recipes and timesaving techniques to basic culinary skills and pantry overhauls. Using healthy, seasonal, fresh ingredients you will learn to create straightforward and delicious meals.

  • Just because you don’t work at Beni Hanna doesn’t mean you can’t be a Ninja with a Ginzu. Chef Sam will demonstrate safe, easy fundamentals in knife skills—how to hold, use, and store your knives. You’ll quickly learn how to chiffonade, bruinoise and julienne like a pro. Learn which knives are the best for each task and perfect your skills to shorten your time in the kitchen and make cooking easier and more fun.

  • Too tired or busy to cook, but need a warm and loving gift for someone who has a new baby, moved into a new house, or is going through some difficult times? Consider the gift of a delicious warm meal. Chef Sam will make your life easier and do all of the work for you by preparing a beautiful meal for your friends or family.

  • This is a perfect gift for your family members or friends about to embark on a new life together. These special lessons can be customized for the bride and groom’s cooking level. Together they will learn how to prepare a four-course gourmet meal. Chef Sam is also available to help the couple register for everything they’ll need in their new home and offer guidance in setting up their new kosher kitchen.

  • Get a group of girlfriends together for something different and irresistibly tasty. You’ll love mixing cocktails and creating delicious food together. Everyone will participate in preparing fun appetizers, a delectable dinner and scrumptious desserts.

  • A fun way to master the techniques of cooking with meat so you won’t be afraid to try preparing something new. Learn the ABCs of meat cuts, how to order from a butcher, and how to roast, sauté and braise your favorite cuts of meat. Discover new flavors and interesting ways to prepare chicken, turkey, beef and lamb inspired by different cultures around the world.

  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to relax and enjoy your own party? After this class, you will be prepared. Having a repertoire of unique hors d’oeuvres makes it easy to plan a fabulous event with minimal fuss! Learn to prepare these mouth-watering appetizers ahead of time and both you and your food will be ready when your guests arrive.

  • “I just don’t have time to cook dinner every single night!” Sound familiar? Then this class is for you. Learn how to prepare several nourishing meals on Sunday that will last throughout the week. Discover great prepare-ahead dishes that are flavorful, easy and interchangeable. Mix and match a week’s worth of meals with just one day’s worth of effort.

  • Purchase a gift certificate for someone you love to celebrate a special occasion! Give the gift of new cooking skills and they’ll thank you over and over again.

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